Undergraduate Studies and Courses

Our team has expertise in a host of college majors - including Political Science, Biochemisty, Biomedical Engineering, and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. If you are a college student and struggle with a course, feel free to reach out to us and inquire our availability! As students ourselves, we know that it is hard to find an affordable tutor. With us, look no further! Price shuold, in our humble opinion, never be an obstacle to education. Please reach out to us for options along these lines!

Supported Studies and Courses

Undergraduate Level Study

Among our team, you will find learend students of the following disciplines and offered courses:

Biochemistry Biomedical Engineering Applied Mathematics & Statistics Political Science/Writing
General Chemistry Introductory Physics Calculus 1 - 4 Undergraduate Writing Courses (Portfolio, Research Papers, Story Writing)
Organic Chemistry Linear Algebra History (World, US, UK, Middle East)
Introductory Biology (Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology, and Physiology) Statistics Political Science and Psychology
Biochemistry Law and Policy


Undergraduate Study Description Price
Biochemistry Course Session 1 Hour Online Session $45
Biomedical Engineering Course Session 1 Hour Online Session $45
Applied Mathematics & Statistics Course Session 1 Hour Online Session $45
Political Science/Writing Course Session 1 Hour Online Session $45