Testimonials and Reviews

Would you recommend us to your friends?

10/ 10

Are we accessible outside of sessions?

9.5/ 10

Is our communication professional and timely?

9.8/ 10

Were we flexible in adapting our teaching style for your learning style?

9.7/ 10

Did you feel more confident after our sessions?

9.4/ 10

Words from Past Students

How would you describe Apricus Prep to your friends?

S.A., 2023

I recommended you to my friend and told them you are very supportive and personable! Really helped me prepare for the test!

O.G., 2022

Shrey is a very chill and flexible tutor, and he 100% knows what he is doing!

S.L., 2021

I would tell my friend that you find yourself looking forward to sessions and see improvement within just one week of working with you.

S.T., 2021

He provided specific tangible help that my son used and increased his SAT score over a 100 points in a month. Shrey is organized, concise, and provided great tips and techniques, but the student has to do the work.

J.S., 2020

“Bro, you gotta get my homie Shrey as a tutor. He legit is the coolest guy I’ve ever met, and you know he knows what he’s doing!”